Olga Yasovsky
I am

a Team Leader.

a FullStack developer.

a UX designer.

a Team Player.

a Photographer.

a Traveller.

About Me

Hello, I’m a Olga, a FullStack R&D team leader based in Israel.
I enjoy writing the best code possible to turn complex problems into simple and beautiful solutions.
I'm a people person, a team player and always maintain a can do approach.

What I do best
Team Leader

Managing 2-3 scrum teams simultaniously, consistently delivering working software that meets the highest code standards. Monitoring team members individual performance. Building teams from scratch to accomodate new projects, responsible for interviewing and hiring cycle.

Requirement analysis and design phases

PI & Sprint planning, actively analysing requirements with products and architects. Working tightly with architects through all development phases.
Responsible for software demos to customers, working with offshore development and product teams.

Fullstack developer

Writing complex highly available and production grade applications. Keeping it hands-on, investigating technologies and best solutions for the project needs.


I ♥ UX. Creating the best user experience for the project, seeing the big picture and understanding the client needs is what drives me on my day to day work.


Juggling between team development, sprint timelines, deadlines monitoring and work-life balance, you name it.


Strong sense of team work, great communication skills. Overall an outgoing "people person".

Fun Facts
6 Projects led
15 Awards Won
3 Volunteering Projects held
15 Countries Visited
100+ Books Readed
100 000 Lines of Code
3 children raised
1 space launch attended
My Experience
Team Leader - AT&T Israel

Leading several projects over the years. Leading 2-3 teams at a time (Avg of 6 people each), responsible for defining timelines and ensuring team meets delivery and quality goals.

Creating technology roadmaps, working tightly with Product and Architects teams on a design of the solution architecture.

Working with the highest standards, ensuring full CICD pipelines, UTs, E2E test, and high coverage of written code

Conduct 1:1 with team memebers and be responsible for their growth and career paths. Interview, hire and train new associates.

Working on highly complex projects with large scale of end users and a high load of traffic. Delivering production grade software that is distributed and highly available.

Senior FullStack Developer - AT&T

Part of an R&D team for AT&T's IoT services platform DataFlow, a cloud-based platform for data driven application development.
Writing Server and Client side logic. Working with MicroServices, RESTFUL APIs, defining UX, holding demos in large expos like CES and in meetups. Developing several management web applications for deployment and maintenance of the delivered product. Used Languages/Technologies: Angular, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, HTML5
Part of an R&D team for AT&Ts 4G network development project, including large scale components like customer provisioning, billing etc. Used Languages/Technologies: Java, XmlBeans, WebServices

Amdocs - Java/J2EE Developer

Development of Commercial sites and browser based applications. Used Languages/Technologies: Java (Servlets, JSP, JNDI, JDBC), WebServices, XmlBeans, Hibernate, XML (xsd, wsdl), HTML, JavaScript, dojo, jQuery, CSS Software installation and support on offshore customer sites. Performing code review for other team-mates.

Technical support - eTeacher ltd

Part of a tech support team for an online desktop sharing application serving as a virtual classroom for online lessons. Identification and treatment of problems. Working with clients in Israel and abroad.

My Education
Bar-Ilan University
2002-2003 | 2005-2007

B.Sc. degree in Computer science and mathematics
Studies for a B.Sc. degree in Computer science and mathematics in Bar Ilan University (Atuda). Final Project (Bi-Semestrial): Computerization of the blood vessels department in Hadassah Ein-Karem Hospital, Jerusalem.

Army @ "Maf'at" Unit

Serving period was done in Maf'at unit as part of an IT team. Responsible for Software installations and SW/HW maintenance. Developing inner tools for management of tickets and inventory.

"Shevah-Mofet" Technical & Science school

Matriculation certificate in the computers and science department (2001) Studies at the municipal high school for science "Shevah-Mofet", Tel-Aviv. Matriculation certificate in the computers and science department (15 units of study in computers and programming).

Personal Skills
  • Communication
  • Management/Soft skills
  • Leadership
  • English Language
Professional Skills
  • Angular
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Java
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
My Portfolio
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Mazkeret Batya, Israel.

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